June 26, 2003

Execute a SQL Server DTS Package Remotely

You can easily execute a SQL Server 7.0 Data Transformation Services (DTS) package from VB remotely: Create a DTS package. It can be an import from Excel into SQL Server.

Embed Quotation Marks

You use quotation marks in VB to define strings, but how do you include them in your output? Use whichever of these methods works the best for you: Dim strUseChr

Moving Transaction Logs to a Different Drive

You can move a transaction log using SQL Server stored procedures. Simply detach the database, move the log file, then reattach the database. For example, to move the pubs database

Add Controls to a Project Quickly

VB’s Add File dialog supports only a single selection of code modules or OCXs, so you must painstakingly select each individual file and control one at a time. One of

String.valueOf or Integer.toString()?

Converting an integer to a string is a very common programming task. The most popular method for doing this are to use either String.valueOf(int) or Integer.toString(). Which one is better

Declaring Variables in C++

Say you want to store data for temporary use in a program. You will have to declare variables to input the data. Luckily, declaring variables in C++ is very easy.