July 12, 2003

Use XML to Build Services Cheaply Using PHP and MySQL

eb services are all about two things: XML and WSDL. When you build a Web service in a commercial platform such as Microsoft .NET or J2EE, you are building a smart server that can describe itself with WSDL, be invoked using a HTTP-Get, or SOAP, and return an XML payload.

Develop a Currency Converter in the .NET Compact Framework

he best way to learn how to use the various controls in the .NET Compact Framework (CF) is to actually use them. So starting with this article, I will demonstrate a few techniques you can use to develop applications for Pocket PC devices using Visual Studio .NET 2003. In this

Book Excerpt: Creating Applications with Mozilla

ozilla is not just a browser. Mozilla provides a framework that allows developers to create cross-platform applications by utilizing its accessible components, including JavaScript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and Mozilla’s XUL (XML-based User-interface Language), as well as the Gecko rendering engine, XBL (eXtensible Binding Language), and XPCOM (Mozilla’s component model).

Book Excerpt: Tomcat: The Definitive Guide

omcat is a Java servlet container and Web server from the Jakarta project of the Apache Software Foundation. A Web server is, of course, the program that dishes out Web pages in response to requests from a user sitting at a Web browser. But Web servers aren’t limited to serving