August 14, 2003

Organize Your ActionScript:Six Strategies for Healthier Flash Code

e are witnessing increasingly ambitious projects software in Flash. A quick look through the Macromedia Showcase for Flash proves that Flash is no longer just for animations or for dazzling wandering Web visitors. Rather, Flash has matured and is now being used for a host of front-end tasks, such as

Go From Zero to JSP 2.0 in No Time at All

ava technology has maintained a strong foothold in the Web development world since Java Servlets and JSP hit the scene more than 6 years ago. Java technologies are mature and particularly well adopted in the enterprise where they are used on a variety of large scale Web applications. There are,

Build a SOAP-based Chat Application with Java Web Services

here are many definitions of what Web services are or should be, each more or less understandable. It’s interesting how sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to describe. With that in mind, here’s yet another take: a Web service is an entity that can exchange documents with the outer