September 12, 2003

A Quick-and-dirty Script for “Direct Mode” in Perl

Ever get annoyed that there’s no “direct mode” environment in Perl? Instead, you have to save your code to a file and then execute it everytime. To offset this, I wrote this small program allows me to type and execute Perl code, complete statement by statement. Here’s how to use

Use CopyFromRecordset With ODBC Recordsets

You can create an ODBCDirect recordset for use with the Excel Range objects CopyFromRecordset method by using the DAO.Connection objects OpenRecordset method: Public Function CreateDaoRecordset( _ ByVal sDataSource As String, _ ByVal sUser As String, _ ByVal sPwd As String, _ ByVal sSql As String) _ As DAO.Recordset Dim daoWs