September 17, 2003

Determine If an Error Has Occurred During Object Construction

This can be achieved in Java by throwing an exception from your constructor. Since constructors cannot return a value, this is the only way to perform error handling. Class MyCLass{ private int x; File file; MyClass() throws MyException{ x = 10; try{ file = new File(“c:\myFile.txt”); } catch(Exception e) {

Building a Commercial BREW Application
Part II Laying the Foundation

Recall that you must use an SDK with a version number that is less than or equal to the version number of the Application Execution Environment (AEE) loaded on the handsets you are targeting. Table 1 lists the handsets we are targeting and their corresponding AEE versions. Note that the

Avoid a Common Debugging Mistake

Normally most of designers do this: if(someVariable == someValue){ doSomeActions;} If you type ‘=’ instead of ‘==’, it will not be detected during the compilation. This means you could spend either seconds or days finding this mistake?depending on the project size and complexity. It will be noticed during the testing

Review: Put an End to Lifeless Help Apps

he Help sections of your applications are probably never going to be particularly sexy—and rightly so—but that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck forever with a standard, text-heavy, and uninspired user experience. RoboHelp X4 might sound like a robot but it’s actually the latest version of Help creation tools from eHelp