October 7, 2003

What I’ve Learned: Untangling Strings

How many times do you find yourself writing code like this to display multiple lines of text using the MessageBox object, or in a TextBox? Imports System.IODim i As IntegerDim strOut As StringDim di As DirectoryInfo = _ New DirectoryInfo(“C:”)For Each fi As FileInfo In di.GetFiles(“*.*”) strOut = strOut &

Resolving Deadlocks in SQL Server 2000

eadlocking can be a difficult problem in a multi-user SQL Server application. Deadlocks are caused when transactions mutually block each other, and each is waiting for the other to finish. SQL Server will detect deadlocks involving locked database resources and cancel one of the queries, and roll back the transaction.

State of .NET Development

By the time you read this issue, Visual Studio .NET will have been on the market for almost a year and a half. For some of us it seems longer because of the long VS .NET beta cycle. To me, it’s amazing how far we have come in such a

Mobile CoDe.NET: Exploring the .NET Compact Framework

elcome to Mobile CoDe.NET, the regular CoDe Magazine column dedicated to the development of mobile business solutions using Microsoft .NET mobility technologies. In the last issue, we explored the various Microsoft technologies for mobile development and the field of mobility in general. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I

Creating ASP.NET Custom Controls with Style

aving a custom control display properly is a challenge in itself?and getting your custom control to behave the way you want it to is only half the work. Once you get to the visual side of things you have to create the logic that generates the actual HTML shown in

Palm Development with MobileVB

eveloping applications for the Palm OS may seem like a daunting task to a VB developer. The traditional Palm SDK requires at least moderate knowledge of the C programming language and has a substantial learning curve. Further complicating the situation are the memory management requirements of the Palm OS and

The Mind of an Angry Coder: Kicked to the Curb

icrosoft’s policy for supporting versions of their software has historically been current version minus 2. That policy was supposed to be relaxed and extended when Microsoft released the .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET, because they represented such a radical break from the COM roots of the Visual Studio 6

Working with .NET Threads

he .NET class Thread defined in the System.Threading namespace represents a managed thread. The Thread class offers raw control over the underlying operating system thread. However, with power comes liability, and usually most of the Thread class methods and properties should not be used by application developers. The article explains

Creating Tablet PC Applications with VS .NET

n the Fall of 2002, Microsoft introduced Tablet PCs based on the popular Windows XP operating system. By default, this new platform includes applications with special Tablet PC features enabled, such as Ink Input and Pen-based operation. In order for this platform to become truly popular, third-party vendors will also

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