November 21, 2003

Creating Portable Applications with Code Generation

don’t know about you but when I think about writing applications I think about all of the things I want the application to do for myself or for the customer. What I don’t think about is all of the little details that turn an elegant design into a workable implementation,

Make an Object Appear Like a Pointer

You can make an object appear like a pointer with a smart pointer. If a class overloads the operator ->( ), then any object of that class can appear like a pointer when the operator ->( ) is called. The following program illustrates this: #include “iostream.h”class test{public :void fun( ){cout

JDBC-ODBC Bridge Driver Enables Spreadsheet-as-database Interaction

ava programmers who use JDBC may presume that the technology is restricted to interaction with database products such as IBM DB2 Universal Database, Informix, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server. This article illustrates how JDBC can be used in conjunction with ODBC to interact with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as if they