December 2, 2003

Using MySQL 4.0 with .NET

have been a Microsoft SQL Server developer for a number of years. One the things I like about SQL Server is that it is easy to install and once installed it is easy to work with. I can say the same thing about MySQL, an open source database, distributed under

.NET and Oracle Java Stored Procedures—Bridging the Gap with XML

sing Oracle as your database in the .NET environment is relatively simple, except when returning JDBC ResultSets from Java stored procedures. The Microsoft and Oracle .NET data provider drivers allow for easy access to data from SQL queries and PL/SQL stored procedures. There is not, however, a simple interface to

Implementing Two-Way Control Binding for Web Forms

SP.NET has considerably raised the bar for Web development with very rich developer functionality built into a flexible and highly extensible object model. If you have a background of hand-coding ASP or other scripting or CGI-style technology, .NET’s redundant code reduction and development process simplification seems almost too good to

Add Mouse Wheel support to the VB6 IDE

Vanja Fuckar has developed a library that adds support for the mouse wheel in the VB6 IDE, i.e. in the code window, Immediate window etc. The library is written in assembly, whereas the program that enables/disables the mouse wheel support is in VB6. Everything is provided with full source code.