December 16, 2003

J2EE Design Strategies That Boost Performance

J2EE takes the hassle out of distributed programming, but there’s a catch. Although you no longer have to contend with such low-level issues as threading, synchronization, or persistence, you also relinquish control of key architectural considerations such as load balancing and scaling. Leaving these tasks?which strongly impact performance?to the EJB

Export Crystal Reports to PDF

Use this code when you’re developing Web pages and you need to export Crystal Reports to PDF without creating their own files. The undocument FormatEngine property of ReportDocument class (you can see it using ObjectBrowser or ILDASM) gets the job done: Private Sub ExportToPDF(ByVal oRpt As ReportDocument) Dim crExportOptions As

Display a Partial Text File Using FSO

This script reads specific lines of text from any text file and then stores the lines in an array that you can assign to a variable for data display.

Introducing ASP.NET 2.0 Master Pages

SP.NET 2.0 introduces a new concept known as Master Pages, in which you create a common base master file that provides a consistent layout for multiple pages in your application. To create a Master Page, you identify common appearance and behavior factors for the pages in your application, and move

Creating Usable Page Templates in ASP.NET

ages in Web applications often share common UI components, such as headers, sidebars, and footers. Developers often seek to encapsulate these common components into a page template, which each page can consume and possibly customize. However, in ASP.NET, this can be a nightmare. This is because there is no blunt,