January 9, 2004

A Developer’s First Look at Web Parts

rom the end user point of view, Web Parts provide customization tools that affect the appearance and content displayed on a workspace. Web Parts empower end users to design their own user interfaces to fit a personal way of thinking, analyzing, and of getting the job done, using drag-and-drop plug-and-play

Introducing Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services

he much-anticipated release of Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services is not far away. This is the successor to SharePoint Team Services, and the changes go beyond small enhancements. In the new release, Microsoft has unified the way the technologies work. This article introduces Windows SharePoint Services and shows how it truly

Using Smart Tags in Office 2003

f you developed smart tags in Office XP, you’ll be interested in the changes in Office 2003. Smart tag technology links text to resources that provide relevant information useful in creating a document. Or even better, relevant information can be inserted right into the document itself. Smart tags in Microsoft

Introduction to Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003

t’s Monday. After arriving at the office, you fill out last week’s timesheet (Microsoft Excel), your expense report (a handwritten form), and your project status report (Microsoft Word). When you print these forms, you notice that soon you’ll need a new printer cartridge, so you e-mail a purchase request to

Using the Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System

ffice is a staple in most corporations, and .NET developers can easily take advantage of its power and omnipresence. The Visual Studio Tools for Office provide the ability to use .NET code with Office 2003 applications. With it, you can create code using Microsoft Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) or C#