January 13, 2004

Grouping and Summing the Values in XML Using XSLT

In this column, I have grouped the XML based on the GroupID element by using the generate-id() function. This generates unique keys used for indexing the key value. The key value is GroupID. All the PV values of each groupID is then added and the sum is formatted till six

Use an API Function to Limit the Entry of a Textbox Control

First, place the function ischaralpha in the proyect. In this example it’s in the general declarations section of the form: Private Declare Function IsCharAlpha Lib “user32” Alias “IsCharAlphaA”(ByVal cChar As Byte) As Long Next, place a textbox in the form. Then, copy the next code to limit the user entry

Binary File Copying

Use this function for binary file copying. Call it to copy files of any type?executables, images, not just text files. The argument infilename represents the (full) path to the original file and outfilename is the name of the copy. #include void filecopy(char *infilename, char *outfilename){ char c; // The buffer.

Integrate Your Inventory System with the eBay SDK

f you’re involved in creating applications for manufacturing or retailing organizations, unless those businesses are the size of roadside taco stands, you probably already have some kind of inventory management system?more than likely built around a product database. In the code download for the sample project that accompanies this article,

Force the Extension of a Class Without Overriding Any Single Method

With some classes, it doesn’t make sense to instantiate the class itself but overriding of any of its methods will result in a usable class. This is the case for the various AWT adapter classes (which complement the listener classes), such as KeyAdapter. If you implement the KeyListener interface, you