January 27, 2004

Create Folders Using the File Sytem Object Model

Creating folders with the file system object model can help eliminate errors and long folder-existence checks?especially if you are attempting to create already existing folders. Dim fso as new FileSystemObjectDim

Build Output Using the Ant <tstamp/> Task

When you execute , it generates the local ANT macros ${TSTAMP} and ${DSTAMP}. These are the time and date as numeric strings. They can then be used to dynamically generate

Dynamically Create a Sortable Column

Sometimes you need your resultset sorted a particular way and using the primary key doesn’t accomplish what you need. One way to get around this is to create a sortable

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A SQL Split Function

This SQL function is similar to the VB split function. It takes a nvarchar delimeted list and delimeter and returns a table with the values split on delimeter. if exists