February 3, 2004

Get Your Stored Procedures Ready for Anything

ermissions are restricted in most environments. Even in development environments, only members of the sysadmin and serveradmin fixed server roles can execute the sp_sdidebug and sp_addmessage extended procedures to grant use of SQL Server’s debugger and custom error messages, leaving the developer to their own devices for error handling during

Sun’s Open Source OS Is an Elegant Windows Mimic

nless you live under a rock you already know that Sun has developed and released an operating system platform, called the Sun Java Desktop System 2003, or JDS, as part of a complete repositioning of the company’s Java-related software offerings. As part of this repositioning, Sun moved to a flat

Whidbey’s New Wizard Control Adds Navigational Power

SP.NET v2.0 adds many new concepts and controls beyond those shipped in version 1.1. One of these is the Wizard control, which can simplify your life when you need to implement a “step by step” interface style to capture data. The Wizard provides built-in navigation capability that lets you make