February 24, 2004

Check All CheckBoxes in an ASP.NET DataGrid Using a Single CheckBox

Do you have any DataGrids in your ASP.NET application with a CheckBox for each row? If so, you may have wanted a faster way to check or uncheck all items. One way uses a single CheckBox in the header or footer of that DataGrid. This tip shows you how. First,

Getting the Length and Dimensions of an Array Object

A given array of objects can be one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, or n-dimensional. How can you tell? In this tip, the function getDim(Object o) takes an object and finds out it’s dimension. The length is calculated from an in-built static method Array.getLength(o). There are instances when you need to represent an

Initializing Class Members

The following code demonstrates how to initialize class members in the initialiser list for more efficiency: class A{int a;char b;float c;public: A();};A::A():a(0),b(0),c(0){}is more efficient thanA::A(){ a = 0; b = 0; c = 0;}

Changing the Attributes of a File

Say you’re trying to overwrite an existing file, but its attribute is set to “Readonly,” so it generates a “Permission Denied” error. The following code shows how to change the attribute to Normal mode to avoid this error: ‘Code shows hot to change the attribute of the file ‘reference Microsoft