March 23, 2004

Object Instance Comparison

Sometimes you need to know if is a specific instance of an object, is the one you’re looking for.objptr() provides a nice VB-ish way to compre object pointers. So, you have collection of objects. To find the instance of the object you are looking for (ignoring keys and bad design,

Opening Source: The Ultimate Customer Security Blanket

ecently my company, Desaware, decided to release the source code for our component products?and in doing so found ourselves suddenly directly involved in the open source vs. closed source debate. I suppose it’s not surprising?along with privacy and intellectual property rights, open source will be one of the defining debates

Release Resources with a Shutdown Hook

JDK 1.3 introduced the addShutdownHook() method to the java.lang.Runtime class. Implementing a shutdown hook is useful if you need to take some action right before your app stops running. To add a shutdown hook, create an instance of the java.lang.Thread class and supply it as a parameter to the addShutdownHook()