April 9, 2004

Send an Exception to a JSP Error Page from a Servlet

Use this code to explicitly send an exception to the JSP error page from a servlet: public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponseresponse) throws ServletException, IOException { … //Create your exception Exception myException = new Exception (“error message”); //Set this request attribute request.setAttribute(“javax.servlet.jsp.jspException”, myException ); //forward to the error page RequestDispatcher rd

Banish Security Blunders with an Error-prevention Process

ecurity can be a complex and often overwhelming issue. To ensure application security, not only must you prevent hackers from entering the system, but you need code in place that safeguards security should those preventive measures fail. There is no room for error. You can anticipate and prevent hundreds of

Harden Your Wireless Apps with MIDP 2.0 Protection Domains

ith MIDP applications streaming into the marketplace, security is becoming more of a concern. What assurance does a user of a MIDP-capable device have that what they download will not harm their device, steal personal information, or unknowingly cost them money? Before MIDP 2.0, application developers were rather restricted as

Extracting Performance Data from Your .NET Applications

ou always want the software you write to have great performance. The reason isn’t shocking?users look to software to quickly and efficiently handle their workload. Often times, meeting this performance requirement (whether it is explicit or implied), can be a difficult, even daunting task. Tuning an application to perform at

Building Wiki Web Sites with ASP.NET and SQL Server

his article describes some of the advantages that Wiki Web sites provide and how you can use ASP.NET and SQL Server to create your own Wiki. You’ll learn how to write powerful parsers using the .NET regular expressions class and you’ll discover how to add sophisticated search functionality to your

Integrating the Google Web Service Into ASP.NET

ccording to the Neilson NetRatings of January 2003, Google is rated as the top search engine on the Web with a 29.5% share of the market followed by Yahoo and MSN. In addition to an extremely robust standard search service, Google offers searches in various categories including images, groups, directory,

How Many Programmers Does it Take (or, the Bike Ride that Wasn’t)?

ou’re wondering what happened with the bike ride from Los Angeles to San Diego after the PDC, aren’t you? For two months now, you’ve been expecting to see photos of four tired but elated geeks riding into Union Station in San Diego. Or perhaps you were worried that we were

Asynchronous Windows Forms Programming

indows Forms applications often require some sort of asynchronous invocation option. You rarely want to block the user interface while a lengthy operation executes in the background. Windows Forms pose a set of complicated design and implementation issues when it comes to asynchronous method invocation and multithreading due to the

Never Give Up

‘m writing this editorial in early 2004. Yes this is the March/April issue but I see January out my window. Like many people, I made a new resolution for the New Year. I decided to clean my office. While cleaning I came across a notebook that contains a bunch of

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