April 17, 2004

Install CVsup to Stay Current with FreeBSD

If you have just installed FreeBSD’s ports collection using a CD-ROM, you must upgrade to the latest releases of the ported software you need. If you have just installed FreeBSD and the ports collection via FTP, you are already current. Fortunately, FreeBSD makes staying current extremely easy: TYPE cd /usr/ports/net/cvsup-without-gui

Creating a Python Executable File Using makeExe.py

This file creates an executable file from a Python file specified by the user and writes the new executable to disk. “””makeExe.py- Simple Python script to automate the creation of Python executables using py2exe.(c) 2004 Premshree Pillai (24/01/04)http://www.qiksearch.com/”””## Run this file from Python root dirimport sysimport redef getFileName(): global fileName

Linux Commands: Using the “Manpage”

For newcomers to Linux, the “manpage” is the UNIX/Linux equivalent of the classic DOS question mark (?) command-line parameter. It shows you information about the command. To see the manpage for a command, type the command name, and then enter a space followed by a question mark.