April 20, 2004

Automatically Create All Missing Synonyms in an Oracle Database

Synonyms are used in place of schema objects in professional database applications because the application user is typically different from the object owner schema. The script below creates synonyms for all the relevant objects in your schema?if they dont exist automatically. This saves you from having to write hundreds of

Generate Permutations for a Given Set of Numbers

There may come a time when you need to generate the permutations of a given set of variables at hand, all of them belonging to the same type. The C++ STL library?algorithm provides a rich set of functions that you can use without reinventing the wheel. And one of them

Warning Signs in SQL Code

SQL statements defined “inline” in source code are a warning sign that the implementation or the project design itself probably includes some land mines. If you see something like: String sql = “SELECT CustomerID, LastName FROM Customers”; …you’re most likely seeing code that is difficult to update or extend.

Handling Events in BREW

BREW is very event-driven. As such, an application will get many events that it may not be expecting. Controls talk to themselves using events. The system sends events to the application to tell it a variety of things about the state of the phone. All of these need some action

Request Permissions with a MIDlet

A MIDlet requests permissions by declaring them in the application descriptor, using either MIDlet-Permissions or MIDlet-Permissions-Opt. Multiple permissions can be specified and are separated by commas. If a permission is declared in MIDlet-Permissions, then the MIDlet suite must be granted access to a protection domain with this permission. If a