April 30, 2004

Run Oracle Stored Procedures in Parallel—Inside the Database

common misconception among Oracle developers is they can run stored procedures in parallel only from outside the database. For example, many use Java-based code that spawns multiple Java threads and runs each procedure on a separate thread (using the java.sql.CallableStatementobject), or UNIX shell scripts using cron to enable this function.

ASP.NET Security: 8 Ways to Avoid Attack

uilding ASP.NET Web applications has never been easier. Visual Studio.NET hides so many technical details behind the scenes that developers need only concentrate on the core business logic. However, hackers are on the lookout for any opportunity to hack into your application. Which means the pressure is on you to

Sun’s ‘Creator’ Is a True Contender

hen it first announced the nascent product then known as Project Rave, Sun said Java Studio Creator would be the carrot to finally attract corporate developers to Java. It would be a Visual Basic-like drag-and-drop development environment, and it would attract not only current Java developers, by simplifying Web development

Simple Solution for Complex Java Web Applications: Connection Pools and JDBC

ractically every request from a user’s JSP/servlet creates a new database connection, which takes time and exhausts system resources. Using a limited number of database connections substantially improves Web server productivity and eases the load on your database. To the extent that servlets enable you to store information between user