May 19, 2004

Create Rollover Graphics in ASPX Pages

Although this tip creates onmouseover and onmouseout attributes in the IMG tag within the A tag when rendered to the browser, it could be used to set any attributes. Create a Hyperlink control on the .aspx page (with an ID of ‘lnkImage’ in this example). In the codebehind, create a

Import Web Content into Your Excel Workbook

Importing Web content into your Excel workbook is simple using Micorosoft’s WinHTTP tools (they are free and included with IE). First, create and save an Excel Workbook. Next, access the visual basic editor (ALT-F11). Insert a new module and paste the following code: Public Sub GetPage(Optional prmURL As Variant) Dim

Suffering from Spam?

One of the major ways that spammers get email addresses is by crawling Web pages and extracting any email addresses they find. As part of your own Web site development, it’s a good idea to check your own Web pages to make sure you didn’t accidentally include any email addresses.

Add Flash to Your .NET WinForms to Create Skinable UIs

ithin the last few years, Macromedia’s Flash has become a leading development environment for online vector animation, Web site production, and rich Internet applications?as well as for offline presentations, small games, and more. Flash MX 2004 focuses more on user interface development than any of its earlier versions. Perhaps the