May 25, 2004

Dynamic, Location-based Home Page Selection

When at home, I like to have my browser’s home page to be different than at work. When I open up my browser on my laptop at home, it goes to, when I open up the browser at work it goes to an internal engineering Web page. Save the

Behold WSE 2.0: Removing Another Layer of WS-Pain

he official release of Microsoft’s Web services Enhancements (WSE) toolkit promises to help developers deal with at least some of the pain and suffering accompanying the emerging Web services’ standards. Updated to support the OASIS WS-Security specification and a promising WS-Policy specification, developers will be able to build standards-compliant Web

Convert the Filesize in a Number into String Format

This code converts the filesize in a number to string format?for instance, 1000 Bytes, 1 KB, etc. Option Explicit’ Add a module and copy paste this function.’ To test this function, call this function from Immediate window by passing’ file size to it. e.g. ?GetFileSizeString(1000), GetFileSizeString(10000)Private Declare Function StrFormatByteSize Lib