May 28, 2004

Linux Unwired: Using Bluetooth

inux Unwired teaches you to install and configure a variety of wireless technologies to fit different scenarios, including an office or home network and for use on the road. You’ll also learn how to get Wi-Fi running on a laptop, how to use Linux to create your own access point,

Develop Desktop GUI Apps with PHP-GTK, the Standalone PHP

HP, an increasingly popular Web scripting language (see Figure 1), is particularly well suited for the creation of dynamic database-connected Web sites. The two strengths that make PHP a powerful server-side scripting language are its abilities to: embed directly into existing HTML connect to a wide variety of databases Figure

Help the Compiler Differentiate Between a Type or Non-type Expression

Sometimes you need to help the compiler differentiate between a type expression and a non-type expression. For example: template void func (type t){t::Str * p;} Now, say t represents a class type and Str represents a type member of that class. If you meant to declare a pointer of that