June 18, 2004

Use This Method to Format an Integer

Say you want the length of an integer to be exactly five digits, you can use the below method: NumberFormat nf=NumberFormat.getInstance(); // Get Instance of NumberFormatnf.setMinimumIntegerDigits(5); // The minimum Digits required is 5nf.setMaximumIntegerDigits(5); // The maximum Digits required is 5String sb=(nf.format((long)12));System.out.println ( ” the result is sb ” + sb);

Export HTML Data into Excel Files

Nowadays, many reports are generated as HTML documents for access on the Web. This tip shows you how to export that HTML data as it is (including all the CSS styles, tables borders, etc.) into an .xls file which can be saved and used as you need it. Include the

Paging in J2EE: Manage Large Result Sets Efficiently

Pagination is the simplest and most common way to break up large amounts of data into more manageable chunks. Pagination is a key part of Web site design, both from the UI perspective (to manage limited screen real estate) and from the server perspective (to process large result sets efficiently,

Ready for Retail? Get Your App on the Map

ow many times have you walked through your favorite electronics superstore, say Best Buy or CompUSA, looked at the software products sitting on the shelves and wondered ‘why them’? As a developer you probably personally know at least 50 people who’ve written better, more interesting software than is available on