June 22, 2004

How to Set Topmost Forms

Setting topmost forms is easier with .NET than with previous Windows languages, since you no longer have to refer to an API call. Simply setting the .topmost form property to

Creating Your Own Private UDDI Registry

he Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) specification and protocol work together to form define messages, application programming interfaces (APIs), and data structures for building distributed registries of Web services

Write to a Perl File Using Flock

In his tip “Locking a File With the Perl Flock Function,” Steve Renaker’s example opens a file without specifying read or write. While this will successfully open a file for

Overloading a Function Template

If the function template you’re adding incorporates functionality that you already have, then you need to remove the old members first; otherwise the duplication will cause ambiguity. Here’s an example.

MapPoint Web Services: The Roadmap Ahead

he convergence of cartography, geography and computing ranks among one of the greatest accomplishments of information technology. Digitized maps and data sets, coupled with powerful computer-aided design applications, relational databases