August 12, 2004

Tackle Common Programming Tasks Using the New <tuple> Library

he C++ standards committee is now working on updates and enhancements to the Standard Library. Tuple types are one of the recent additions to the standard. A tupleis a fixed size collection of heterogeneous objects. Tuple types are very powerful and can help you simplify several programming tasks. How can

Track Your Apps with the Open Source Logging Framework, Log4j

hey say ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’ Being able to keep an eye on your application is a need from which emerged logging and tracing frameworks. Application developers needed a way to have their programs relay vital signs and other signs of life to them. Many developers tend to

Use SOAP to Access EJB Components with PHP

magine a software project for which the front-end developers work with PHP and the back-end developers create Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs). As the project evolves, the front-end applications need to speak to the back-end EJBs, but this can’t be done in one simple step. So what’s the solution? Well, exposing the

Overload Operators to Operate on Your Objects

perator overloading allows you to define mathematical and comparative operators for your data types. Objects created with your data type can then be manipulated mathematically or compared using standard operators. Operator overloading is one of those features that you don’t need very often, but when you need it, operator overloading