August 18, 2004

How to Build Accessible Windows Forms Applications with .NET

icrosoft Active Accessibility is a technology that improves the way programs and the operating system can interact with accessibility aids. Active Accessibility has to be invisible to the user and be recognized only by special client software designed to help people with disabilities. Active Accessibility is available for Win98, WinNT

Remove the Read-only Checkbox from a Common Dialog Control

To remove the read-only checkbox from a common dialog control, add the following constant declaration to the module: Global Const OFN_HIDEREADONLY = &H4& Then, while calling the common dialog, write the following code: Private Sub Command1_Click() CommonDialog1.Flags=OFN_HIDEREADONLY CommonDialog1.ShowOpenEnd Sub When the Open File dialog box opens, it won’t have the

A Virtual Function in a Base Class

If a virtual function in a base class has a default argument that is overridden in the derived class, at run time the value in the base class is always taken. For example: class Base{ public: virtual void func(int n = 0);};class Derived{ public: void func(int n=5);}; In the above

Use DBCC CLEANTABLE to Reclaim Unused Space in Your SQL Server Tables

This is a great tip for DBAs. If you ever end up removing a variable-length column (varchar) or text column from one of your tables, a certain amount of wasted space will linger in the table’s physical representation. You can reclaim this space with the DBCC CLEANTABLE statement. To use

Getting Around the Java Compiler’s 64K Limitation

If a class data frame’s size goes above 64K (65536 bytes), the Java compiler rejects the compilation. The compiler’s limitation is due to its ability to handle the larger data frames. While it may not be possible to change the compiler, you can use inheritance to deal with this problem.

Learn Better Ways to Manage Your Cache in ASP.NET

aching is one of the features in ASP.NET 1.x that most developers are familiar with. And it has helped to fuel a yearning for cache dependency in SQL Server. The ability to refresh the cache if a row in a table has been modified is very useful to a lot