September 24, 2004

Create Intelligent E-mail Filters with JavaMail and Classifier4j

s more and more information fills our lives and clutters our inboxes, our ability to effectively read, filter, and process this information manually declines hand-in-hand. There is only so much time that we can spend at it. The trend shows no signs of abating, despite the best efforts of many

Clean Up Your Mess: Managing Temp Files in Java Apps

was always taught to leave a place cleaner than when I got there, and I hold my applications to the same standard. However, a recent Java project I worked on was doing just the opposite, dumping temporary files on the user’s system and never cleaning them up. Fearing the inevitable

Minding the Queue: Java 1.5 Adds a New Data Structure Interface

ne of the fundamental data structures in computer science is the queue. You will recall that a queue is a data structure in which elements are removed in the same order in which they were added. This FIFO (first in, first out) data structure was unfortunately neglected in previous versions