September 29, 2004

Onward and Upward: Porting Apps to Higher JDK Versions

he IT industry is synonymous with change. Every day sees some new software version or specification released, which necessitates constant upgrades. Programming professionals often must upgrade business applications to the new versions of the software upon which they are built. To accommodate these rapidly changing business requirements, Sun Microsystems releases

Simplify Operator Overloading

For beginning C++ programmers, operator overloading may seem like a complicated task, but in fact, it’s really simple. You can overload operators in two ways: On non-member functions. On member functions. When overloading operators on non-member functions, the expression looks like

Design Patterns: Basic Building Blocks or Passing Fancy?

everal years ago, Bill Watterson wrote a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip where Calvin asked: “How do they know the load limit on bridges, Dad?” and his father answers: “They drive bigger and bigger trucks over the bridge until it breaks. Then they weigh the last truck and rebuild the