November 9, 2004

Set Two Items of a Property Grid from the Drop-down List

The MSDN-library does not contain a simple example demonstrating the picking-out item fromdrop-down list box for the property grid items. This sample demonstrates the techniquefor setting two items of a property grid from the drop-down list. These items have the type of string, but it must be simple to remake

Registering ActiveX Files

This tip is in response to the tip “Register ActiveX Files Using the Mouse.” There’s a much easier way. Put a shortcut to regsvr32.exe and regsvr32.exe /u in your “SendTo” directory, and call them “register” and “unregister” resp. Rightclick on the file you want to register and go to “sendto.”

Generate HTML Reports from Scheduled SQL Server Maintenance Activities

A gem in the arsenal of command-line utilities that comes with SQL Server is the SQLMAINT application. With it, you can run a variety of maintenance activities, including DBCC checks, backup and restore, statistics updates, and more. But here’s the best part. By passing an -HtmlRpt switch to the utility,

Read Time Zone Names Stored in the Registry

The following code reads the time zone names stored in the registry and places those names in a combobox. The time zone names (there are about 50 or so) look like: “Greenwich Standard Time, Newfoundland Standard Time, Tasmania Standard Time,” etc. Option ExplicitDim TimeZoneCol As CollectionConst ValueName As String =

Create a Taxonomy in UDDI Using UDDI4J

This code demonstrates how to create a tModel taxonomy in UDDI for WSDL specifications using UDDI4J. import org.uddi4j.datatype.tmodel.TModel;import org.uddi4j.response.AuthToken;import org.uddi4j.datatype.OverviewDoc;import org.uddi4j.util.KeyedReference;import org.uddi4j.util.CategoryBag;import java.util.Vector;import org.uddi4j.response.TModelDetail;import org.uddi4j.client.UDDIProxy;private String createTaxonomy() { try{ TModel tModel = new TModel (); tModel.setTModelKey (“”); tModel.setName (“COMPANYTAXONOMY”); OverviewDoc overviewDoc = new OverviewDoc (); overviewDoc.setOverviewURL (“http://overviewurl”); tModel.setOverviewDoc(overviewDoc); CategoryBag categoryBag=