November 9, 2004

Registering ActiveX Files

This tip is in response to the tip “Register ActiveX Files Using the Mouse.” There’s a much easier way. Put a shortcut to regsvr32.exe and regsvr32.exe /u in your “SendTo”

Create a Taxonomy in UDDI Using UDDI4J

This code demonstrates how to create a tModel taxonomy in UDDI for WSDL specifications using UDDI4J. import org.uddi4j.datatype.tmodel.TModel;import org.uddi4j.response.AuthToken;import org.uddi4j.datatype.OverviewDoc;import org.uddi4j.util.KeyedReference;import org.uddi4j.util.CategoryBag;import java.util.Vector;import org.uddi4j.response.TModelDetail;import org.uddi4j.client.UDDIProxy;private String createTaxonomy() { try{ TModel