December 2, 2004

Control GUI Action in VB6 Using the Command Behavior Pattern

n real life, sequences aren’t easy to control. Once something is set in motion it is difficult to manipulate discrete portions of that movement. And of course, in real life it’s impossible to undo a movement. But in programming, sequences aren’t so elusive. If you plan correctly, you can define

Maximize Your Productivity with Project Item Templates

ode reuse has been a mantra of software development for decades. .NET provides for code reuse in many ways including inheritance, components, and of course the indispensable function. Visual Studio 2003 expands the concept of reuse by providing a set of editable built-in templates for any project items, such as

Unit Test More Efficiently with Mock Object Alternatives

hen you’re unit testing, you often want to test an individual unit of code without testing its dependencies. One common solution to this problem is to utilize the mock-object testing pattern. Though the mock-objects pattern can lead to a great working solution, many times, it is simply overkill. Extreme Programming

Optimize the Massive DELETE Operation in Oracle, Part 2

y previous 10-Minute Solution “Optimize the Massive DELETE Operation in Oracle, Part 1” described the technique for performing a high-performance massive DELETE operation as a direct-path INSERT. At the end of the article, I outlined six steps for implementing this technique: Step 1 Create a table (TestData_X) with identical structure