December 3, 2004

Configuring Your Heap Space for Better Performance

Some applications use an extensive set of objects. Upon startup of JVM, a set of objects is assigned a fixed heap space. When the JVM becomes heavily loaded with live objects, this heap space tends to fill up and you are left with no more memory. This results in an

Heard on .NET Rocks!: Chat with Charles Petzold

am the host of a weekly Internet audio talk show for .NET developers called .NET Rocks! Each week my co-host, Rory Blyth, and I interview the movers and shakers in the .NET community. It’s a free download, and there are about 80 shows in the archives as of this writing.

Best Practices

he focus of this issue is best practices and techniques. From testing to free tools you can use with ASP.NET, we discuss several topics that are important to developers. I am going to explore some other best practices you might want to consider. Firewalls and Virus ScannersAn important best practice

Making Sausages

henever you gather multiple travel veterans in the same location for long enough, sooner or later the discussion turns to travel horror stories. I’ll admit that it’s just August as I write this, and yet I’ve hit almost 60,000 miles for this year already. (Yes, some of those miles have

Getting Started with Unit Testing

utomated unit testing lets a team exercise its entire code base against a battery of tests, facilitating a quick, reactive environment by providing instant feedback during development. When developers can test changes to the code for validity, errors become apparent immediately. Code becomes simpler?and the tests provide great example documentation