December 30, 2004

Make Text Scroll Vertically

Use the following code to make text scroll vertically: Vertical ScrollerThis is Vertical

A Multiple Getter/Setter Implementation

Suppose you’ve got a user interface class with many user options that you need to set/get at the same time. Here’s one way to implement this: class CUI{public: CUI() :

Posting Forms Programmatically

Posting forms in Java is easy. All you need is just a HTML code snippet. Here’s an example: Your Email : * Message : *

How to Write, Use, and Test a Singleton Class

class Mysingleton{ private Mysingleton objsingleton = null; private Mysingleton() { } //single way to get its instance. public Mysingleton getInstance() { if(objsingleton == null) { objsingleton = new Mysingleton(); }

Get Separate Records for the Comma Delimited Values of One Field (TSQL)

Use this code: if object_id(‘tblTemp’)0 drop table tblTempCreate Table tblTemp (Field1 varchar(5),Field2 Varchar(100))insert into tblTempselect ‘C1’ Field1, ‘Value1,Value2’ Field2Unionselect ‘C2’ Field1, ‘Value3,Value4’ Field2 if object_id(‘tblTempOutPut’)0 drop table tblTempOutPutselect * into