January 5, 2005

Visual Inheritance with C#

Microsoft VS.NET provides design-time support for form inheritance. A derived form can be added to your solution by right-clicking on your project in the Solution Explorer window and choosing “Add…”

Use Oracle and Triggers to Secure Table Data

Ever deleted some tables accidently and had to waste your time doing them all over again? Oracle, in conjunciton with Triggers, provides an easy solution to this problem. First, create

The generate() Algorithm

You can use the generate() algorithm to fill up a sequence container with values that you generate by repeatedly calling a function. This algorithm takes three arguments. The first two

Deselect All Items in a ListView Control

You must set Checked property for each ListViewItem to False to clear all the checked items. ‘Declare the ListViewItemDim lvItem As ListViewItem’ Change each item’s Checked property to FalseFor Each