January 26, 2005

Build Your Own GUI for RegSvr32

am currently developing for a company that recently purchased a new content management system. Due to the number of requested custom enhancements, the vendor phased the implementation. They delivered the

Some “Hints” for Mastering SQL Tuning

y wife and I recently had a baby. In the labor and delivery room, the medical staff connected several sensors to my wife’s tummy to monitor the baby’s heartbeat, contractions,

Generating Realistic and Non-Random Sample Data

ave you ever needed to populate a database with realistic, but generated (as opposed to actual) data, in volumes that demand automation? Such a need arises in many circumstances, such

Two Ways to Chain Servlets

In Servlets/JSPs, there are two ways to achieve servlet chaining using javax.servlet.RequestDispatcher: Include: RequestDispatcher rd = req.getRequestDispatcher(“Servlet2”);rd.include(req, resp); Forward, where req is HttpServletRequest and resp is HttpServletResponse: RequestDispatcher rd =