February 16, 2005

Make an IIS Server Recognize ASP.NET Web Pages

For some reason, if you install IIS after you’ve installed .NET, IIS will not recognize ASP.NET pages. To fix this, go to: Start?>Programs?>Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003?>Visual Studio.NET Tools?>Visual Studio .NET 2003 Command Prompt In the Command prompt, type aspnet_regiis -i.You’re done. Note: Visual Studio 2003 is used in this example.

Converting Numbers into Words

Ever written a PL/SQL block of code to convert numbers to words? Try this easy line of code to accomplish the same task: SELECT TO_CHAR(TO_DATE(764,’J’), ‘JSP’) AS WORD_FORM FROM DUAL; Here the ‘J’ option specifies that the conversion is to Julian format. The result will be: WORD_FORM————————SEVEN HUNDRED SIXTY-FOUR

Ensure That You’ve Implemented All Your Tests

Eve been writing unit tests, and while you’re coding one test, you have ideas for another test? In order not to break your train of thought, leave a bookmark in your test, to make sure to come back and fix it. It will look like this: public void testUseGoodTestNameHere() {

Creating Vectors of Pointers to the short Datatype

In most situations, it doesn’t make much sense to create vectors of pointers to the short datatype. Compare these two code samples: vector myvector; //bad code.short * pS = new short;*pS = 2;myvector.push_back(ps);//***********************************vector myvector; // good codemyvector.push_back(2);//*********************************** You’ll note that each element in vector takes two bytes, whereas each element

Using YAML to Decrease Data Transfer Bandwidth Requirements

ML is a wonderful thing. It has empowered a whole new class of application?loosely-coupled Web services cooperating to form applications?with XML being the glue that binds them together through well-known, easy to parse documents of data or well-known easy to understand commands in SOAP (an XML variant). The power behind

Model XML to Please Humans and Computers Alike

“euristics” is a word to inspire fear and loathing among the non-technical. But actually, it’s one of the friendliest design-related concepts out there. This article suggests five heuristics for ensuring the human readability of your XML documents. These aren’t iron-clad rules or complicated design patterns. So use them when you