February 18, 2005

Writing Provider-Independent Data Access Code with ADO.NET 2.0

he data access features in .NET changed the way developers write code by segregating the data providers into separate classes and namespaces, depending on the type of database that was being targeted. For example, to access SQL Server, Microsoft encourages you to use the classes from the System.Data.SqlClient namespace, such

New Protocol Offers Simple, Efficient Java RMI

he Burlap/Hessian protocol is an alternative remote object invocation and Web services protocol supplied as an open source Java framework through Caucho Technology. If you want POJO (Plain Old Java Objects)-based object distribution, efficient serialization, distributed Java objects that hardly need a Web container, maximal ease of use, and a

Want Tabbed Browsing in Internet Explorer? Build It Yourself with WinForms

he phenomenal popularity of the new Firefox browser from Mozilla.org is no random happenstance. Web users around the world have discovered what dozens of reviewers pointed out back in its beta: Firefox’s tabbed UI, where multiple browser pages are consolidated into one application instance using tabs, is a great way