February 23, 2005

UML for the Software Developer, Part 3: Aggregating

n Part 2 we looked at associations, which are nothing more than references, but they can be directional and represent multiplicity. If we were restricted to our ability to generate code using UML this would be sufficient. If we are offering guidance on how the application should be built, as

Locate the Installed Version of MS SQL Server

This query: select @@version provides the following information: Version installed Service Pack installed Edition installed Here’s a sample of the output: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 – 8.00.194 (Intel X86) Aug 6 2000 00:57:48 Copyright (c) 1988-2000Microsoft Corporation Enterprise Edition on Windows NT 5.0 (Build 2195: Service Pack 4)

Configure the Behavior of Servlets While They Are Loaded

Servlets can be configured using the initialization parameter. These parameters can be anything like username, password, URL, etc for accessing a database connection, the location of the configuration file, etc. Assume the servlet is MyServlet.class and the parameter to pass is param1. The following steps show how to use param1,

Use CausesValidation to Prevent Unwanted Validation Checks

Validator controls automatically trigger validation checks for every postback?irrespective of whether you need validation or not. To prevent this, set CausesValidation=”False” for the control for which you do not need validation. The code below will help illustrate: WebForm1 Name Label If you simply drop two buttons on the form, clicking

Use struct to Handle Heterogeneous Data Elements in C++

Have you ever come across an application where you’re required to handle more than one set of heterogeneous data elements? Operations may include initialising, reading from, writing to, and passing data to different parts of the application. For exmple, suppose you’ve got an application that deals with employee data?things like

Master the Time-saving Power of Flash Components, Part 2

n Flash, components have the power to save you a great deal of time and frustration. These pluggable, self-contained units?consisting of handy combinations of graphics and/or code?are just dropped into place as needed to fulfill a role in your application. You can use them over and over. While pre-built components

Security Training Falling Through the Education Cracks

an Francisco, Calif.?”Ninety-nine percent of the people want to write secure code,” said panelist Ira Winkler, at the Secure Software Forum last week, “they just don’t know how.” Winkler, Global Security Strategist for CSC Consulting, was one of 12 panelists at the SPI Dynamics-hosted event, and his comment was at