March 8, 2005

An Uncommon Solution to a Common Compact Framework Problem

he Common Dialog API has been a solid staple in Windows development for more than a decade. In fact, not only is it a useful source of reusable code, it is a fundamental piece of the Windows look-and-feel, providing a familiar interface for users to navigate and interact with the

Create and Drop Stored Procedures as a Group

Ever created a bunch of stored procedures for testing purposes and went to drop them but couldn’t remember all the names you created? A way to avoid this is to group multiple stored procedures under a single name. The following is the syntax for grouping: create procedure 1as …. ….

Avoid Preserving Viewstate when Using the DataGrid Control for Data Entry

enableviewstate is a page-level session mechanism used to maintain the state of the controls between page requests. It uses the hidden variable __VIEWSTATE. enableviewstate is set to true for all controls by default. __VIEWSTATE keeps the data and the property values of the controls, which increases the number of bytes

Nano-Sheets: A Small But Mighty Spreadsheet Engine in REBOL

his article explores the design of a GUI spreadsheet, called Nano-Sheets. In its most basic form, the code for Nano-Sheets requires fewer than 1,500 bytes of code, which prints easily on a single sheet of paper. It is a very basic, but fully functional, spreadsheet engine with a working GUI.