March 23, 2005

MSDN Subscriptions: Are You Ready to Be a Team Player?

n Monday, Microsoft announced that it was changing and simplifying its long-standing MSDN subscription model. The new model accommodates Microsoft’s new Team System software and attempts to match developers’ roles more closely. In a press release, the company stated that “Most Visual Studio users receive Visual Studio through an MSDN

Reset the Identity for All User Tables

Before you start testing any database-driven application, the first thing you need to do is: Remove the old data from all the tables. Reset the identity back to 1 for every one of the tables. If you’ve got a lot of tables, this process can get quite tedious. The following

Print a DataGrid Alone from an ASP.NET Web Page

Ever wanted to print a DataGrid alone from an ASP.NET Web page? Put an tag inside the tag does the trick. Here are the steps involved: Enclose the tag inside the tag. Write a JavaScript function which takes care of printing the content from tag. Here’s an example: ……………

Storing Request-specific Data Without Using ServletRequest

There are times when you need to store request-specific attributes (pieces of data that must be available to one specific http-request during the lifetime of that http-request) in order to retrieve them later. This is easy?if you have access to the ServletRequest instance. You simply use its methods, getAttribute() and

Using Sort with Arrays

sort, along with many other STL algorithms, works well with arrays. This is because the STL’s concept of an iterator is closely modelled on that of a pointer. The STL provides two forms of sort. Both forms take an iterator pointing to the beginning of the collection to be sorted