April 2, 2005

Stay Put. Understand Your Space

have moved my household and its belongings something like 15 times in my adult (that is, post-high school) life. I’ve moved across the country (twice, from Houston to Boston and then from Boston to Los Angeles) and so many local moves I’ve lost actual count. When I was younger, I

Grokking .NET

rok (pronounced GRAHK) – To grok something is to understand something so well that it is fully absorbed into oneself. Definition via: whatis.techtarget.com and Robert Heinlein I absolutely love the word grok because this is what software developers do. At least this is what we attempt to do. We spend

Creating Debugger Visualizers with Visual Studio 2005

ne of the many cool new features in Visual Studio 2005 is the debugger visualizer. Debug info is no longer limited to what comes in the box with Visual Studio .NET. Visual Studio 2005’s new debugger visualizers enable you to inspect classes in more useful and complex ways. You can

Heard on .NET Rocks!: Spring.NET

am the host of “.NET Rocks!”, an Internet audio talk show for .NET developers online at www.dotnetrocks.com and msdn.microsoft.com/dotnetrocks . My co-host Rory Blyth (www.neopoleon.com) and I interview the movers and shakers in the .NET community. We now have over 96 shows archived online, and we broadcast a new show