April 20, 2005

What You Need to Know About Web Controls

ne of the key tenets of .NET is that it makes developers more productive. And this is basically true?it is easier to build applications, including Web applications. You can build a complex Web page with its associated business object and stored procedures in less than four hours. But then you

Shortcut Keys for Creating Comments in VS 2005

Use Ctrl+E+C to comment selected text in web.config or the codebehind file. Use Ctrl+E+U to uncomment selected text in web.config or the codebehind file. Note: Neither key is case sensitive. They work only in the Visual Studio 2005 beta IDE.

Append the Items on a Dropdown Menu

This tip provides a way to append the items on a dropdown menu?even when the control is binded with the datasource. Assume that the dropdown menu will be showing a list of employees. Binding with the datasource will fetch the employees names, but what if you want to set the

Stop Initializing and Assigning Values to the Base Class’s Data Members

Sick of initializing and assigning values to the base class’s data members? Absolve yourself of this responsibility by overloading the copy constructor and the assignment operator in the derived class. As soon as the compiler discovers you’ve done this, it stops the implicit invocation of the base class’s default copy

Sending Emails with Customized Attachment File Names

Suppose you need to make a program to send emails. However, you need the emails to contain attachments, the names of which will be generated when the attachment file has been saved, and which will contain the date and time the file was saved. Private Sub cmd_submit_Click() ‘Dim the strings

Initializing Application Attributes During Context Initialization

Many applications require some of their attributes to be initialized much before the application is made available to the user or before it can process a request. Suppose you’ve got an application with a new version that needs to be present across the application?but it needs to be initialized beforehand.

Design Guidelines: Building Web Service Wrappers for an XML-based System

ervice Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an increasingly common buzzword in today’s industry. The benefits of a Web services-oriented framework are well appreciated, but not always well-understood. Enterprises planning to convert their conventional backend applications into Web services often plan to achieve the conversion by creating a Web service wrapper around

Another Brick in the Wall: Macromedia Agrees to Become Part of Adobe

dobe Systems made an eye-widening play Monday, offering $3.4 billion in stock for rival Macromedia, which, if approved by stockholders, will move Adobe more fully into the developer marketplace and give it critical access to—and control over—one of the most widely accessible desktop runtimes, the Flash Player. While the full