June 2, 2005

UML for the Software Developer, Part 5: Component Diagrams

ccording to Clemens Szyperski (author of “Component Software?Beyond Object-Oriented Programming,”), software components are binary units of independent production, acquisition, and deployment that interact to form a functioning system. He continues to add that a software component can be deployed independently, is a unit of third-party composition and has no (externally)

Inheritance 101

isual Basic developers had wanted inheritance for what seems like decades. The feature finally made it into VB.NET, making VB.NET an official object-oriented language. By now you are probably already using inheritance in your applications, but are you fully taking advantage of its potential? As a consultant, I am frequently

Cook Up Powerful Mail-Processing Scripts with Jython Procmail Recipes

esides its email-processing function, the ubiquitous, open-source Procmail utility can be configured to serve as a local delivery agent for any mail transfer agent (MTA) such as Sendmail and Postfix as well. In this capacity, Procmail essentially acts like a filter that can be configured to process selected messages en

Set Your onclick Event to Occur on the Client Before the Server

Sometimes, you want to handle an event such as a button click on the client first, and then post the click event to the server only under certain conditions. Here’s how to make both click events fire: Create an HTMLControl like this, with the attribute runat set as “server”: Add