June 22, 2005

Build this IF Function Parser to Simplify Debugging Excel Formulas

icrosoft Excel is a powerful tool for writing user interfaces for spreadsheet applications. Apart from the ability to display information in a tabular form, Excel has scores of functions capable of addressing most calculation needs?and if those aren’t sufficient, you can create your own functions, because Excel has Visual Basic

What’s New in Visual Basic 2005?

f you have been a hardcore VB6 programmer and you’ve hesitated about switching to Visual Basic .NET, Visual Basic 2005 will change your mind and you’ll want to take the leap forward to move to .NET. The common complaint that people who have made this leap already often hear from

Building .NET Projects with the Correct References

Building projects with VS.NET 2003 (devenv.exe), you run into some hassles with the ReferencePath property. You can see this property in the project user file: .vbproj.user and .csproj.user. The problem is that only a full path is valid for this property. Not only that, but there can be a list

Managing the Form Flow in J2ME

To manage form flow, the first thing you need to do is create a singleton class with static methods. Next, you implement a stackable system in which to store any object. The showPrevious() method exposes objects’ special data. package tips.formstack;import java.util.Stack;public class FormFlow { private static Stack stack = new

Uploading Larger Files

To upload larger files, you have to configure the web.config httpRuntime tag’s maxRequestLength property.

View the Source Code of Stored Procedures in Yukon

In SQL Server 2000, you would simply use sp_helptext to view the source code of both user-defined and system-stored procedures. But that isn’t completely true in Yukon. To view the source code of a user-defined stored procedure in Yukon, use the following code snippet: sys.sp_helptext ProcedureName Or you could also

Always Declare a Polymorphic Class’ Copy Constructor as Private

Always declare a polymorphic class’ copy constructor as private?this becomes important when you want to use a class in a container class for cloning. The container class CHolder is a templatized class that holds generic objects. You also have a polymorphic class named CBase and its subclasses CDerived1 and CDerived2.