June 23, 2005

Use Reflection to Validate Assembly References—Before Your Customers Do

eflection is truly a paradigm shift for developers using Microsoft’s line of development tools. The runtime availability of assembly metadata provides developers with new flexibility and the ability to develop interesting software tools. Developers often use reflection to load assemblies and instantiate classes dynamically, or to invoke methods, but you

New Flash: How to Integrate Flash with Office 2003

ntegrating Flash or any other XML-supporting application with Office 2003’s XML capabilities is easy. In fact, when I was noodling around trying to come up with demonstration apps, I was somewhat dismayed to find that I was spending all my time in Flash; there weren’t really any challenges in Office.

Java Turns 10: The Developer Retrospective

ay 2005 marked 10 years since Sun first introduced Java technology to the world. In the decade to follow, the language begat a platform, which begat a community, which begat an entire ecosystem, in which software players, open source projects, and individual programmers alike all thrive. Today, some 4.5 million