August 2, 2005

Maven 2.0: Enterprise Peace of Mind Is All Part of the Package

uilding enterprise Java applications is a challenging process in which you build, package, and deploy multiple components to a variety of environments. And these components will frequently depend on one another and on third-party libraries and frameworks. Furthermore, you must also manage static resources, configuration files, and deployment descriptors, as

The Baker’s Dozen: 13 Productivity Tips for Building a .NET Distributed Application

his installment of “The Baker’s Dozen” presents a Windows Forms database application that demonstrates some of the primary attributes of a distributed architecture. These attributes include authentication and connectivity, data management, business objects, user-interface modules, and reporting. The featured application is a job-costing and invoicing application for a Masonry company,

dotNetTemplar vs. angryCoder: To Go Live, or Not to Go Live

ey there! This month, I’m bringing Ambrose Little on board and we’re starting a new column entitled “angryCoder vs. dotNetTemplar.” In each issue of CoDe Magazine, we’re going to debate a hot .NET topic. Sometimes we’ll agree. Sometimes … well … let’s just say we won’t and leave it at