September 27, 2005

Use Stored Procedures for Java Persistence

ost software applications require a persistence layer, such as a relational database, to store user data for later retrieval. As a Java developer, you have many choices for your application’s persistence layer. You can use entity beans with either container-managed persistence (CMP) or bean-managed persistence (BMP), or you can execute

Using SELECT * on a Table with the Column Type NTEXT

If you use SELECT * on a table with the column type NTEXT, your resultset will not display the NTEXT column on a Web page when using ASP to show the recordset. To ensure that the NTEXT contents display, move the NTEXT column to the last column in your recordset.

Read a Web Page by Connecting to a Final Server Through a Proxy Server

This code uses the new J2SE 5.0 classes and to connect to a final server through a proxy server in order to view a Web page. The Proxy class represents a proxy setting (proxy protocol and proxy address) and the Proxy.Type class represents the proxy type. This type