October 19, 2005

A Loop with an Exit Condition

Here is a pattern you will see quite often when structuring your code in loop constructs: 01 enum command { start, stop, wait, quit };02 command instructions;03 int counter =

Closing a Popup Window Automatically

The following code will close a popup window after the user selects to download the file, or if he/she cancels the download. Between the tags of the document is popped

Find All User Tables, Columns, DataTypes, and Length

To determine all your user tables, plus their columns, datatypes, and length, type: SELECT DISTINCT SO.Name AS “TableName”, SC.ColID, SC.Name AS “ColumnName”, ST.Name AS “DataType”, SC.Length AS “Length”, SC.Status AS

What Does “strictfp” Do?”

When this modifier is specified, the JVM sticks to the Java specifications and returns the consistent value independent of the platform. That is, if you want the answers from your