November 29, 2005

Porting itoa Windows STL Code to Linux

There is no default itoa implementation in the STL under Linux. If you include , it won’t work. If you disable the STL from the GCC command line, you lose the STL and your code will not be portable. This tip can help you port your code from Windows to

Getting Started with Windows Communication Foundation Transactions

he previous two articles in this series provided an overview of the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF, formerly code-named Indigo) programming model, service addressing, binding and contracts, and a discussion of how to secure Windows Communication Foundation services using the built-in attribution method. If you haven’t already done so, it would

Using Reflection to Execute Class Methods at Runtime

Suppose you have a class and want to use it at runtime. The code below shows how you can load the class and execute a desired method at runtime. The assumption here is that the method name’s is setProperties and it takes an argument of type java.util.Properties. Class newClass =

Turning Recursive and Nested Triggers On and Off

To check whether nested triggers are turned on or off in SQL Server, issue the following command in Query Analyzer: EXEC sp_configure ‘nested triggers’ If the run_value is 0 then the nested triggers are off, if the value is 1 then they are on. Therefore, to turn on nested triggers,