December 13, 2005

A Very Brief Peek at LINQ

t PDC, Microsoft announced the Language Integrated Query framework (the LINQ Project). The LINQ Project is a set of language extensions to C# and Visual Basic and a unified programming

Use sun.misc Classes for Base64 Image Conversion

The following code demonstrates how to use sun.misc classes for Base64 image conversion: import*;import java.awt.*;import java.awt.event.*;class Base64Example extends Frame implements ActionListener{Image IMG=null; //image1Image IMGdecode=null; //image2-resultTextArea TA=new TextArea(); //printing the

Implement GetTickCount in Linux

To implement the GetTickCount API when porting code from Windows to Linux, use the following code: long getTickCount(){ tms tm; return times(&tm);}

How to Hide a ContextMenu

To display the shortcut menu, you call ContextMenu.Show() method. Typically, you call this method if the right mouse button on a control or area of the form is clicked. The

Handling Null Values in Oracle

Oftentimes, a query will return null values for some of the columns in a query. However, to display “null” as the value in the generated report isn’t a very effective