December 21, 2005

Retrieving a Domain Name

This VB function returns the DNS domain name ( from the passed LDAP distinguishedName (CN=Administrator,DN=Users,DC=westcoast,DC=mycorp,DC=com). Function DN2DomainName(ByVal strDN As String) On Error Resume Next Dim strDomainName As String Dim strDNParts()

Implementing the GetFreePhysicalMemory API in Linux

Because everything in Linux is composed of files, you can get any required information from the /proc/meminfo file. Here’s the code: int getFreePhysicalMemory(){ ifstream meminfo(“/proc/meminfo”); if ( ! meminfo.is_open() )

Overloading a Constructor or Method

Overloading a constructor or a method so it takes an extra argument based upon some specific requirement can result in duplicate code. For instance, a project that contains a lot

Retrieving Custom Objects Added to the Clipboard

You may have found that sometimes, copying a custom .NET object to the clipboard doesn’t work. That’s because retrieving a custom object from the clipboard returns nothing if the object